We recently caught up with Amar Gupta, General Manager at TeaseMe, Agra in New Delhi to discuss how the hotel’s boutique roof-top restaurant is currently managing and improving its online reputation. The Hotel’s restaurant has climbed the ranks on TripAdvisor becoming number 2 from 125th position in Agra, India, a well-known tourist destination across the globe.
Why do you think managing your online reputation is important?

Nowadays, with mobile and social networking, people are very well connected and always up to date. Customers are seeking information about hotels and restaurants to eat before booking by searching the internet for online reviews on OTAs and review sites. Therefore, managing your property’s online reputation is vital to the success of the hotel business. We’ve seen that if your online reputation is managed efficiently, effectively and professionally, it will have a direct impact on revenue and guest satisfaction.
What are the steps you take when responding to online reviews? How do you respond?

It is always important to analyze the feedback from online reviews as they contain the necessary insight for opportunities to improve. When responding, we are objective and always respond with honesty. Hoteliers should respond to them with sincerity and show appreciation that the person has taken the time to write a review. It is important to not appear to guests (and potential guests) like you are making excuses when responding to reviews, rather, you want them to know that their opinion is valued.


What results have you seen since improving your overall online reputation?

In general, by proactively managing our online reputation and gathering guest feedback from surveys, we have been able to tackle some key issues at our hotel and our restaurants. HotelXsell’s analytics have given us the necessary insight to make these improvements to enhance the guest experience. Internally, we are conducting some deeper research by comparing the online reputation scores with our business KPIs, such as occupancy and rates and analyzing the connections to identify how both work together. We are extremely pleased that we have been able to improve some shortcomings on property and our restaurant that have affected our guests stay at our hotel and dining experience at our restaurant.


How does HotelXsell help you?

As General Manager of a small Boutique Hotel, I know my revenues from rooms inventory are quite limited and hence I explored options to increase my F&B revenues by taking my restaurant to new heights, HotelXsell’s solution helps me interact more closely with past, present or future guests. It helps me to analyze our level of service and identify areas where action is required. Ultimately, HotelXsell is the perfect tool for us to ensure we improve our hotel in an efficient and effective way.
Do you find the intelligent segmentation to collect reviews on TripAdvisor & other review websites useful?

Yes, our positive reviews have increased significantly and negative reviews are drowned down after we started using the intelligence filter of HotelXsell. Our overall positive reviews volume has increased which can be seen by the overall ranking that we have on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is very commonly used for international travelers so we use these reviews to ensure that we are also catering well to the needs of different cultures.


After speaking with the Amar Gupta, it is clear that effectively managing the hotel’s and restaurant online reputation and leveraging guest feedback to drive excellence has resulted in the brand climbing the ranks on TripAdvisor and other review sites.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you boost your brand’s ranking on TripAdvisor and other online review sources, please contact us

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