The world has shifted in terms of how business operates. Everyone wants to own the customers, for he who has the customers is the king of the new world order.

Following in the same footsteps since the last few years, OTAs (, Expedia, etc) has been providing hotels with an anonymous email address that hides the customer’s actual email address from hotels. This is OTAs way to stop hoteliers from re-targeting those customers, in the hope that they will not book directly and keep using OTAs website, thus limiting the access of hotels to up-sell, gather feedbacks or in other words, develop their own brand. Crucially, the anonymous email address that they provide the hotel is deactivated a few days after departure, leaving you left with no real contact details and a CRM database full of anonymous email addresses that stop you matching and merging to your customer profiles. Hotels cannot engage with their guests after that which in turn seems like renting the guest from OTAs.

How can you bypass this and collect guest information? Two hacks,

No 1, you can collect the details from your guests while he’s checking-in your Hotel.

No.2, Run a campaign two days after departure? Thank the customer and invite them to sign up with their real e-mail and the chance to win a free weekend or a free upgrade at the hotel. The cost of a free weekend is minimal but the value of those emails is much higher when you consider that 20 percent commission paid out against the average booking value.

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