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    Collect more +ve reviews, limit -ve reviews across social media channels (TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, etc)

Reputation = Revenue

Across all segments of the hotel industry, the same fundamental problem arises. How do I collect more positive reviews? How can I stop people from posting -ve reviews? More +ve reviews means higher rankings & high online reputation. Better reputation means more direct business and higher ADR.  The good news ? HotelXsell solves them!

How Reviews Accelerator works?

and helps you collect more +ve reviews across various channels

Collect In-stay feedbacks

Collect feedback from your guests while they are at your property. Let them know that you care about them and if there is anything that you could do to enhance their experience.

Rectify any discomfort to the guest before he leaves your property and make him a happy Santa

Have you lost out on a good review from a satisfied guest

Smartly collect feedbacks and reviews from the guests. Let them know that you still care about them via engaging with them in post-trip emails.

Remind them how great their stay was, get more reviews on social review sites and improve your reputation.

Are negative reviews on Social Media & TripAdvisor piling up without your notice

You can use HotelXsell to intelligently measure the satisfaction of your guests and engage with the ones who didn’t like your service in an apologetic manner and let them know that you hear them. It reduces the probability of them going onto the review sites and create a situation for your online presence.

How Tea’seMe used HotelXsell to climb 123 places and reach No. 2 position on TripAdvisor
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collect more +ve reviews and limit -ve reviews on digital channels. Improve your online reputation.

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