Creative Tourism

Phatthalung residents are embracing the results of several studies as they offer “creative tourism” packages to lure visitors into spending more time in the southern province.   Under this package, visitors can learn local wisdom, see how locals lead their … Read More

What people did for summer vacation and how they are searching for it – Research by Google

 6X growth in mobile searches for “things to do/activities” + “near me” in the last 2 years   More information can be found out on the Google research here:

Ancillary Revenues Booster: Version 2

Today, HotelXsell is delighted to announce the launch of Version 2: Ancillary Revenues Booster (ARB), an extension to the previous Ancillary Revenues Booster with the advanced capabilities to engage with the guests in their own language. So what’s new in … Read More

Groups & Meetings economics and complexity of Intermediation (By Kalibri Labs)

Kalibri Labs recently published an in-depth special report at a critical component of the hotel business. In a nutshell: Cost of customer acquisition has risen dramatically over the last 5 years as the proportion of intermediated events has increased, equating to … Read More

early check in, late check out

How Hotels can increase revenues from early check-in and late check-out

Hotels at their core are time-based assets with hoteliers in the business of maximising the amount of time each room is sold for. The more time the room is occupied at the best possible rate, faster is the returns on … Read More

How Hotels achieve relevance and improve guest satisfaction

Guests today want relevance online, before arriving, and on property, and marketers must evolve to orchestrate it across all consumer touch points. Market forces in the consumer space are driving new expectations for how guests interact with hoteliers through a … Read More

‘Experiences’ trumps ‘Things’

78% of consumers today seek experiences over things. Also known as the “experience economy,” this desire for collecting memories versus items continues to grow across all generations. For hoteliers, this presents a great opportunity to target consumers who are not … Read More

Interview: How Tea’seMe used HotelXsell to climb 123 places and reach No. 2 on TripAdvisor

We recently caught up with Amar Gupta, General Manager at TeaseMe, Agra in New Delhi to discuss how the hotel’s boutique roof-top restaurant is currently managing and improving its online reputation. The Hotel’s restaurant has climbed the ranks on TripAdvisor … Read More

How can Hotels level the playing field on TripAdvisor, Facebook

Proactive approach to managing online reputation has benefits Recently I visited TripAdvisor, looking for a place to stay. One of the top Hotels in town was sitting there, staring at me with a four-star review. Meanwhile, a local chain just … Read More