Today, HotelXsell is delighted to announce the launch of Version 2: Ancillary Revenues Booster (ARB), an extension to the previous Ancillary Revenues Booster with the advanced capabilities to engage with the guests in their own language.

So what’s new in the kit?

Where ARB Version 1 laid the foundations for our partner Hotels to engage with their guests at the right time with the right offer and persuade the guests to visualize and feel the experience that the Hotel has to offer, Version 2 greatly widens the scope of engagement with the question of “How you communicate with your guests?”.

We spoke to our customers and something that came up time and time again was the need for the Hotels to communicate with their guests in their own language. Communicating with the Chinese, French, Dutch guests in their own language builds trust & credibility and also engaging with each one of them in the scenarios when they are most likely to be persuaded to spend more and in the meantime bettering the experience at the property.

So we listened.

Now, our customers can set up various engagement strategies based on the demographics of the customer profile and engage with them in their own LANGUAGE. This will build more credibility, persuade more, generate more revenues and ultimately improved guest satisfaction will gather more +ve reviews and Higher rankings. Imagine now your front desk does not need to know all the languages but still, the guest can be persuaded to spend more on the hotel services.

We can’t wait to get you started

We owe our development team a massive shout-out for their tireless work on bringing ARB V2 to fruition over the last few months. We will continue to listen to our customers (“partners” as most likely we want them to be referred) and keep on improving!

So, if you are looking to communicate with your guests in their own language and Boost up your Ancillary revenues, get in touch with us here or shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you.

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